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We are sponsoring a Beehive 🐝 - Nov 17th 2021

I am very happy to announce that this summer (2021) we decided to sponsor a Beehive at Gwenyn ...

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Information for you in the Crisis - Apr 16th 2020

You want the latest information in or on Hospitality. Where to start – let me help you ...

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Brexit and recent effects in Hospitality - Sep 2nd 2016

What’s really driving some of the effects of Brexit? and is it all that bad or good for ...

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Useful Links Page - Feb 4th 2016

I like to keep these listed or for easy access  So I thought to do this for my own website so ...

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What’s it like to completely re-brand? - Feb 3rd 2016

For a mere Finance professional at the time – although I had been Chief executive of BAHA for ...

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