Information for you in the Crisis

Information for you in the Crisis   -   Apr 16th 2020

You want the latest information in or on Hospitality. Where to start – let me help you searching..

Many people have called or emailed me asking for information during this Stay-at-home crisis – especially in terms of the Hospitality Industry and its latest information or status…so below some useful links for you – some of which are fairly specific and some of a more general nature and all FREE

Above and beyond the below there is always Linkedin  – a great source for business – you can find me (  ) there sharing this kind of information and also being interviewed occasionally such as in the Video bottom right.

There are links on latest Statistics, the economy of Hospitality and Revenue Management plus links to updates and online discussions – for FREE

I include the Bill Gates links as I believe he has genuinely foreseen the current threat way in advance in 2015 and so had more time to think about the solutions and challenges now facing us all – across the globe. I really think he should be put in charge of a (Charitable) Organisation to be funded by all of us – a kind of Virus Pandemic NATO if you will?

Bill Gates Washington Post article

More Recent interview updating his views for the current crisis

BTW – if you want to see Bill Gates’ original 2015 Ted Talk: Bill Gates: 2015

Hospitality Specific:

STR info:

HOTSTATS (Similar to STR information) :

HFTP Hangouts – latest schedule:

Hospitality Net Information (largest Hospitality Website in world) :

The Hospitality Net World Panels on various topics:

E-Hotelier always interesting:

Operational and Tech Updates:  

Revenue Management and coming back up:

And finally..HFTP’s latest Blog and info always here..

Plus you can always search on HFTP’s  specifically dedicated Hospitality Search engine – Pineapple Search:

If you would like to hear some of my views via a recent LinkedIn interview with Venza see below:

General useful stuff:

Good Business and Investment Markets info:

Latest data always here on COV-19:

If you would like me to add some resources – or think I should know about some – just email me or Linkedin Message me?