We are sponsoring a Beehive 🐝

We are sponsoring a Beehive 🐝   -   Nov 17th 2021

This summer (2021) we decided to Sponsor a Beehive 🐝 at Gwenyn Gruffydd - thanks to the owners Gruff and Angharad

I am very happy to announce that this summer (2021) we decided to sponsor a Beehive at Gwenyn Gruffydd of https://gwenyngruffydd.co.uk/ thanks to the owners Gruff and Angharad.

We are proud to be able to Sponsor the creation and construction of a new Beehive, for a new Queen (that we have christened ‘Betty’) and her workers to inhabit and create plenty of nature’s wonder food. This of course also supports a small developing new business in the Welsh countryside 😊

We have always wanted to do something like this and so (during Lockdown 2020) we looked around a fair bit – especially local to us in Berkshire – and there were not many options available really – Bee Farmers and Honey Makers do not appear to be the best at Marketing…whereas Gruff and Angharad at Gwenyn Gruffydd are ‘right on it’ with plenty of options and products – and loads of information about their bees, their progress and what ‘it is all about’ – specifically and in the wider “honey and bee farming” topic on their website and their YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu8KxA2At405_QPjPlGs87A

We managed to visit Gruff and Angharad this June (2021) to meet Betty and see their nice new “house” and understand the various processes before we receive our personalised jars of honey in November.

We had considered ‘raising’ our own bees once but decided against it when we had experienced the bees up close and personal(#scary). It was slightly different looking at the beehive and the trays of bees up close – but knowing that they were being well looked after by Gruff.

It is quite humbling to meet a young couple in the early days of their new business in what is really a traditional craft’ business and we are very happy to support them.

If you are thinking about sponsoring something sustainable and food producing – please look at it and say you heard about it from us.

For those of you who know me well – you may well receive a jar of Weldon Honey this Christmas  😊.