So we are at the start of another Calendar Year

So we are at the start of another Calendar Year   -   Jan 30th 2020

So we are at the start of another Calendar Year – well just past it at the end of January 2020.

Time moves really fast these days – especially if you are sitting in front of a PC or Tablet – so here I am three years since I did this last and its moving even faster

So I am now looking at what I said at the start of 2016 and judging relevance now (2020)

WI-FI – This still stands – and I am amazed that some places it is still awful. WI-FI. Just do it. But ‘do it good’. Bad free WI-FI is like a bad free cup of coffee at the end of a great meal. It’s the last thing you will remember about the experience.

Be Social. Choose your Channel and go for it. Get yourself and or your Business on Twitter, Facebook or (say) Pinterest or Instagram – since I said this in 2016 Instagram has really taken off especially in the younger end of the market (bizarrely using much  less emails) and Facebook has gone ‘older’ apparently. Linkedin is even more seriously about business (except for the US apparently) and now very trackable.  

This is still true – Think of technology like a Utility – it’s what the world is riding around on today. People want to stay in touch and on-top and do so via their Smartphones or what I call their Human Communications Device. Please make sure you have it insured and not in your back pocket. It is interesting how much easier it is to restore your phone data these days as providers wise up. More and more travel and experiences is ordered via mobile and it will only increase.

Big Data. Insights through your own information. There is loads of it – right there – much more than three years ago. Get an expert in or even give the responsibility to someone in the business already. But please do not waste your own opportunity. “Take the time to work on your business while working in it.”

Brexit – I was right – after a big hullabaloo this time last year which was really an issue with the Parliamentary System and a hung-Government we are now gently jogging through it with a degree of certainty. A recent RBS Economist article called it a ‘Warmer environment’ – which I agree with. Things can be dealt with now with much less emotion – so making the disentanglement process much more ‘business-like’. It will be interesting to see if any other Eurozone countries follow suit…?

Where will I be soon?  At HITEC Europe – in Palma – in Mallorca – in April 20-23. (Yes… I know – it is a truly fantastic place for an event 😊 ). If you are in the hotel industry you can always get a Free Pass of some sort. Also come and see the Hospitality Tech Start-up competition called E20X – always fascinating. (I will also be at Hotelympia – sorry – the HRC Show in March in Excel in London)