Technology in Hospitality today is a challenge. Is Technology even part of Hospitality? Well it has to be as today's guests are also today's Technology consumers.

If you haven’t started with wi-fi then you have a problem. Everything your Hospitality business will need will depend on your network.

Hospitality Technology can be divided into Sections

Your basics. Your Point of Sale – EPOS for F&B and PMS or GMS for your Hotel. If you are a resort or club you will need membership, golf and Spa management also. All integrated or ‘best of breed’. Well there is a question. And then there is Payments.

Networks – Wi-fi for Guests and Staff. Telephony – old school or the NEW IP Telephony?



The clever stuff – like say Revenue Management? Email- and Marketing. Web-based booking Systems and connections to Channels for listing your rates. Social media and services to help you with this.

Costs Management – Staff rotas and Payroll Management. Food and Beverage costing, purchasing and menu-management. Utility Management and procurement.

Reporting and Analytics – you have to produce the P&L at the end of the day and pay your staff and suppliers. The analytics can work across the piece if you have the right systems. Hotels and Hospitality have historically been poor at ‘Big Data’ – hence the OTA’s who are better at it ☺

All this needs a Plan and a discussion – I can help…