They are illusive – not all of them are ‘low hanging fruit’. You need a fresh perspective

Ideas is a broad term – I know. There are 52 different acronyms for ‘Idea’ in the Thesaurus.

Ideas – or solutions need framing. Internally your business may be running so fast you have no time to stop and check where you are going.

The internal politics within the business may be blocking off the creative side of business life. ‘Turf protection’ is a powerful blocking agent. What do ‘they’ say?  “Given enough time and enough people you can come up with enough reasons on why not to do something!”

Put another way “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

So bring in someone else with an outsider’s view – or no ‘angle at all.

I can use my connections to come in and ’brain-storm’ all kinds of areas. Ideas do need a certain amount of knowledge to help with lift off though…

It may be just what you are looking for.