Events just happen – right? They all magically come together...the speakers..the programme..the entertainment?

Or do they? Well of course not. You need speaker(s) – you need someone to hold the sessions together. You need to plan and then to implement.

I helped create an event that has been going for over ten years now. It is now called HOSPACE. It is known in the UK and Internationally within Hospitality and Technology.

It did not happen by accident. It did not just naturally come together.

I can help you with simple things like being a Speaker, a Host who links the day and sessions together perhaps? Or you may want more help, it may be the first time you have organised something of a certain level or volume of people? A theme – an idea? How to make it ‘fizz’?

Every event is different. Audience, delegates, venue. And today – The Event App.

Every event needs refreshing from year to year (yes really). New Ideas perhaps?

I regularly attend other industry events (such as the largest Hospitality Technology Event in the world – HITEC) – and I always take notes of speakers and what that organiser has done differently or better than I have previously seen.

So what is your event challenge?