Hospitality is a People Business. Whether it’s to connect hotels to each other - people with jobs - Vendors with Businesses or Industry Shows – or even each other.

As the saying goes “sometimes it’s not what you know – it’s who you know”.

Connections in Hospitality can be ethereal and delicate things. These delicate lines of communication do exist but they need navigating and finding
Job roles need filling. Consultants and experts need finding. Today’s Hotelier or Hospitality Manager or Owner cannot be expected to know everything.

The right people to fill the gap or solve the problem can be hard to find.

The right system for your specific operation is also hard to find.

The right Show or Marketing opportunity for your new product for Hospitality is difficult to nail down if you do not know your way around.
Hospitality Business can be very different from one to another – even within the same brand. And talking of Brands..

I do not know everyone – but I will know a man who does.

All of this I can help you with – or just point you in the right direction?