My latest thoughts and opinions on Hospitality at the moment. You do not have to agree – but do let me know what you think?

So we are at the start of another Calendar Year. Time moves on fast these days – especially if you are sitting in front of a PC or Tablet – where it seems to accelerate compared to normal activity?

I am passionate about what I do – and with my opinions. Especially in certain areas.

WI-FI. Just do it. But ‘do it good’. Bad free WI-FI is like a bad free cup of coffee at the end of a great meal. It’s the last thing you will remember about the experience.

Be Social. Choose your Channel and go for it. Get yourself and or your Business on Twitter, Facebook or (say) Pinterest or Instagram – but it will depend on you and your business as to what’s right for you. There are ‘horses for courses’.

Think of technology like a Utility – it’s what the world is riding around on today. How it keeps in touch. An interesting question today is ‘what would you rather lose – your smartphone or wallet?’

Big Data. Insights through your own data. Can sound daunting…but if the information is within your business then why not use it to your own advantage? Get an expert in or even give the responsibility to someone in the business already. Or a bit of both. But please do not waste your own opportunity.

Where will I be soon – certainly at Hotelympia – the UK’s largest Hospitality Show. Over 33,000 attend (Tube Strikes allowing) – but its only on every two years – so don’t miss it in 2016 – on from 29th Feb to 3rd March and FREE to attend.

I will be at the HOSPACE Hub in the Technology section. Come and have a cup of coffee and or listen to some of the great presentations at the presentation theatre.