Event Models and Options 1

Event Models and Options 1   -   Feb 22nd 2016

What type of event is yours?

There are a number of different angles or approaches to an event or Conference.

There is always Content and a Timetable, Meals or Food and Beverage (F&B).

(I am really ignoring the large Exhibition Format here but some of the options listed do apply)

Options or angles could be:

  • A Keynote or a really Big Speaker or speakers even?
  • Educational Workshops or Technical Updates – in a Programme?
  • Opening Party? Gala Dinner? Entertainment? Pre-Dinner Drinks?
  • Speed-dating session? Voting? Tweeting? Social Media – interactive?
  • Delegates pay or a “Closed invitational” event (where Delegates attend Free – but effectively the Sponsors pay). Or even just a completely open free event – how does that work?
  • F&B included or do Delegates pay for the food during the day?

I have seen a number of different approaches – all of which work in their own way? Normally as a result of tradition

Some of this will depend on your event Budget. If you do not have the big speaker Budget – do you know someone famous enough in your industry to persuade them to speak? This can take time and not guaranteed. If you do have the Budget – go early. Book them ASAP. Make a loud noise. This is quite common in the US where the range of speakers is really extensive.

Some leaders in an industry do not like having to prepare a full presentation – but are happy indeed to sit on a panel and participate or answer questions on their views. This effectively means it is easier to get for or five leaders than one sometimes. Yes- really.

Entertainment – needs planning. Needs to be appropriate to your audience. Needs a good choice and range. A good Entertainment Agency can be a great benefit as they see a wide range of acts. Some even put this range on show for you to judge for yourself. Team type Entertainment is excellent sometimes – best when it links to a theme. But sometimes just as a surprise.

Warm the audience up before-hand also – set the scene. Get them in the mood.

Some Technology is always good these days. What do I mean by this? Essentially an Event App. One that each delegate (and sponsors and exhibitors) can download before the event. These Event Apps are becoming easier to find and the cost is getting more palatable as the competition hots up. There are some clever ideas out there also – adding into in-session voting, messaging and Social Media Walls and integration with main stream Social media (where the event Twitter feed can be shown on screen for example)

All of this needs a good Excel model to examine the possibilities and establish a break-even if nothing else?

Hopefully there are some ideas here to consider. We can always discuss directly. More in a later Blog